Our Mission

With COVID-19 and Bernie Sander's suspension of his 2020 presidential campaign, left populism is at an impasse.

Populism and socialism are enmired in a long culture war, which we trace back to 1990 and the fall of the Berlin Wall.

Too many farcical slap fights have been fought along the way to Donald Trump, and the ensuing long 2016. It is all too clear that the two sides of the culture war are the left and right hands of capitalism. ​

Collide Magazine's mission is to do what it can to help revive a socialist alternative without the baggage of 'wokeness' or identity politics.


Collide will interrogate fixed ideas, broken ideologies, and false narratives that hinder free thought, free speech, and the fight for a free world. ​​

Collide is where thoughts divide and world's collide

COLLIDE Magazine

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